Welcome to El Gusano Taquería! The best authentic Mexican street food on the Northern beaches of Sydney!

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About Us


Authentic Mexican
Street Food.

El Gusano Taquería, is an authentic Mexican street food restaurant located just a block away from Collaroy Beach and it provides an array of authentic Mexican street foods, usually found in taco-stands and taquerias all over Mexico! 

Owned by a local Narrabeen family and inspired by Mexican popular culture and the masked figures of the lucha-libre, El Gusano provides a unique experience; the smells, the tastes; the colours of Mexico; a true Mexican fiesta for the senses!  

El Gusano caters for all occasions, from a lazy lunch with friends in our sunny courtyard, an evening sharing Mezcals and Tequilas with agave lovers, to takeaway packs, taco kits to recreate the authentic Mexican experience at home and catering!

Our commitment


We strive to provide authentic Mexican dishes, cooked with locally sourced, fresh ingredients. We work with renowned Australian suppliers who specialise in true Mexican flavours and ancient processes, to provide you with the most authentic, and tastier, experience possible!



All our dishes are gluten free and made in house using fresh ingredients supplied by local partners.



Developed by the ancient Aztecs and Mayans, the Nixtamal process soaks corn kernels in water with limestone to unlock the nutritional value in the corn. With only two ingredients, Australian corn and a little sea salt, Nixtamal tortillas are healthier, tastier and the true Mexican tortilla!



All our dishes are made in house with fresh ingredients and locally sourced meats and seafood! Each ingredient is researched and tested to ensure we provide the most authentic experience possible, without cutting corners!



Our carefully-selected range of Mexican Tequilas come from small distilleries and are perfect to be sipped and enjoyed! We provide a small collection of exceptional, rare and unblended Mezcals created by individual family producers in remote villages throughout the state of Oaxaca, Mexico.


Meet the team

After spending several years living in and travelling around Mexico, seasoned hospitality professional Colin Church was in love with Mexico’s food, culture and history. Whenever he was back in Australia, he was always disappointed, when going to Mexican restaurants, that the authenticity of Mexican food was lost.

Taking inspiration from the Mexican popular culture, the posters, the Mexican slang, the iconic masked figures of the Lucha Libre and vivid colours of the colonial style court yards, Colin and his wife Gabi created El Gusano Taquería. They spent months searching for the right ingredients, perfecting recipes and sourcing inspiration to achieve a menu, a brand and a customer experience to deliver their vision.

Dining at El Gusano Taquería is more than just good food, we take our customers on a journey, and for those who are fortunate enough to have been to Mexico, through food, we help them relieve the memories they created!